New features in - amendment of Terms and Conditions
Date of publication: 2013-08-20


We would like to inform you that new Terms and Conditions will enter into force on August 26, 2013.

The changes are intended to facilitate the use of the website for both investors and borrowers.


For investors we have prepared:

  • automatic investment - the ability to invest automatically sub-funds in auctions with pre-defined parameters, service fee is charged only from the investments repaid by the borrower in full in
  • documents update - in confirmation for investors and assigns the secondary market will be provided information regarding place of residence and administrative address given by a borrower at the date of the loan agreement, in the contract of assignment of the secondary market will be also added information about a transition from loan to foreclosure.

We offer borrowers:

  • to increase chances of getting a loan by enhacing the credibillity by the verification in the Biuro Informacji Kredytowej - it's a part of the Infomonitor verification, price remains unchanged!
  • to establish loan auctions wihout ID and administrative address verification - to proceed a verification when an auction is ongoing is required to pay a loan (available only for new users)

Please note that, due to the exclusion of the BlueCash Payment Credit Terms and Conditions regards basic account have been removed.

We invite you to check new Terms and Condtions.

Regards, Team